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IPO Corporate & Public

Each IPO workshop brings innovation, effectiveness, and results to a specific area of living or working.  True learning is knowing how to live and work well in a real, balanced and practical way with ourselves and others. All workshops can be customized based on particular requirements of an organization or group. If what you are looking for is not on the list below, send us an inquiry. 

designspice_bullet07.gif The Wonder & Power of Being   designspice_bullet14.gif Executive Retreats
designspice_bullet07.gif Freedom to Be & Become   designspice_bullet14.gif Organizational Workshops
designspice_bullet07.gif Being US - Relationships  
designspice_bullet07.gif Parenting with Confidence   designspice_bullet14.gif Project Management
designspice_bullet07.gif Spirit: Our Body, Energy & Being   designspice_bullet14.gif Succession Management
designspice_bullet07.gif Life Energizing Breath   designspice_bullet14.gif Risk Management
designspice_bullet07.gif Sex, Intimacy, & Union   designspice_bullet14.gif Sales 

Workshop Formats:

  • As a 3 day public workshop during the week.
  • As a public weekend workshop.
  • As a private in-house corporate/organizational program.
  • As a series of weekly classes.

Contact us to host the workshops of your choice in your city.

For additional self-coaching workshops: The Art & Practice of Ontological Self-Coaching.