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Our Body, Energy & Being"

A Self-Coaching Workshop on the Ontology of Spirit


We are, already and always, 'spirit.'

In this program we go beyond experience and generate a profound permanent union of our body, energy and being. We call this spirit. Our lives are transformed when we simply recognize the spirit that we already are, as opposed to continually searching and desiring to 'become' or 'be conscious of.'

This program is the opportunity to come face to face with our spirit.

Those who are religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist all have something in common. There are vast differences in their beliefs and practices. They may be tolerant or accepting of one another or they may fight. Regardless of these diversities, they have something beautiful in common. This program recognizes personal choices and beliefs and goes to a space of no differences.

All traditions declare beautiful distinctions regarding the nature of our being in the world. In the Hebrew tradition we are each ‘made in the image of God’. For Christians we are ‘Sons of God’ as was Jesus. The Buddist tradition teaches that we can see as God sees because there is only God, that our ever-present awareness is Divine, and that we are one heart, one mind, one soul that breathes as Spirit. Native American traditions throughout the United States clearly declare that we are NOT human beings, but ‘spiritual beings’ having ‘human experiences’. There is something profound underneath all these ways of expressing.

Our spirit participates as a force in every moment of our life.

When our spirit is part of our living and relating moment by moment,
we go far beyond thinking and talking about it.

As spirit we have begun a journey here on this earth that has a freely established progression and growth. This will occur whether or not we are aware of what is taking place. Our knowing what can open up and be discovered serves as a guide in our daily living, relating and working.

This program allows us to touch our spirit with a profound knowing
that goes beyond words and understanding.


  • The ontology of spirituality.

  • Glimpsing into the mystery world.

  • The path our spirit generates into what we call human life.

  • How personal experiences and history are a reflection of our life energy.

  • Tools and practices of spirit for fully living each moment.

  • Seven predictable stages of personal growth.

  • How our energy is related to personal history and health.

  • Understanding energy as message and messenger.

  • The weaving of spirit into every aspect of life.

  • The gift of the voice of our spirit.