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"Sex, Intimacy and Union”
A Workshop on the Ontology of Sexuality

Opening our bodies sensually and sexually to one another.

 Being intimate and sharing pleasure in full emotion.

 Generating a union of being in total acceptance and trust.

We are designed to enjoy pleasure in its vast gamut of sensations and emotions These give our life its color, flavor, and  joy. Our bodies are extremely rich in their capacity to sense and express. In many ancient cultures sexuality was considered a sacred expression, a healing serenity, and a way of increasing the vigor of a prolonged life. Our sexual being is always a process of becoming. The intensity and magic of orgasm shared with someone we choose and love opens the sensuality of our bodies to one another. With shared pleasure, we allow one another to enter the oblivion of being in full togetherness.

Are you living your sexuality in fullness?

What does your partner say?

At times we live circumstances and situations that we do not understand, don't know how to change. We realize love is not missing, but we do not know what essential and effective action we can take to be sexually more fulfilled and in balance together.  Retreating, hesitating and waiting for something to happen may not be beneficial. Are we resigned without even realizing it? Our being in the world with our partners requires that we take our sexuality seriously.

A learning opportunity for adults who are serious
about who they are in their lovemaking.

This educational program is a learning exploration that is ontologically designed to support people in being more effective in realizing their personal goals. Most people find the inquiry regarding their sexuality engaging, fun, challenging and rewarding. At times some may find this to be unsettling and difficult requiring vulnerability and courage. This program provides a safe place for generating new possibilities in our sensuality and sexuality as a natural and authentic expression of our being.


The purpose of this program is that each person learns to generate and live their sexual being in the specific ways that they desire. Coaching will take place so that people learn to be sexually open and expressive in the ways that they choose.


Participants learn to:

  • express the freedom to be a sexual being desiring pleasure
  • fully appreciate and feel free with, and in, their body
  • transform attitudes regarding sex and pleasure
  • understand the differences between men and women's sexuality
  • enjoy, learn and understand their partners body and desires
  • practice the art of sexual communication
  • enhance and appreciate different sexual energies: passion, play, exploration, healing
  • improve the emotional dynamics of their relationship
  • release guilt, shame, or repression to better enjoy their sexuality
  • overcome repetitions that limit their sexual satisfaction
  • learn different types of orgasms and the joy of sexual energy 

 What will we do in the workshop?

Emphasizing both practice and communication, there will be different learning activities and exercises: massage, touching, kissing, open discussions, sharing, dancing, laughter, fun,play, energetic and sensual exchanges, and sexual knowledge. Careful attention is given to respect the boundaries, privacy and choices of each participant. Sexual activites are always a free choice, and at no times in the program will anyone be obligated to do something they do not choose to do. While participants will open up during coaching, no one will ever be required to share anything with others that they choose to keep private. However in recognition that sexuality is a learning process participants will be asked to be fully open to learn, discover, and practice what they are learning.