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This workshop bridges the latest in project management ‘technology’ with essential ontological tools for the ‘human’ side of projects. In the end it is always about whatever works to produce results. This workshop offers many tools.

Projects -> results with a timeline.

Haphazard project management
damages an organization.

Any organization and entrepreneur with or without experience in projects will greatly benefit from the learning available in this program. This workshop offers many tools. So often organizations assign projects to highly intentioned people who may have been successful in other areas, but the world of projects is not the same.

This workshop provides project managers and their teams with the tools, skills and practices necessary for dealing with the predictability and unpredictability of projects. It is based on the principles of project manager leadership presence, five collective operational states and the nature of communication and commitment.

Bridging technology and humanity
discloses a successful project manager
as being the bridge.

Being the bridge
requires that a project manager
knows when to walk back and forth
and how to stand firmly in the middle.

Effective, competent and experienced project managers who are getting burned out know that something is missing in their profession.  This is not happening because they do not know enough.  What the project management profession already knows and practices has been extremely valuable and served them.  But some core tools have not yet been made available in a way that truly makes a difference in how project managers live and work. .

The focus of this program will be on organizational projects.   But there is something universal in what is taking place in all project endeavors whether it is an artist completing a painting, a parent helping their child with a school project, or an inventor designing a new product.  

Moving ahead blindly is the cause of much suffering and failure.

Some projects fail. Others partially succeed. Far too many projects are over budget and stressfully late.  Projects always involve five phases, transitions, rhythms or operational states that are predictable. It is critical that these phases be learned.

Projects are measured by successful and timely completion.  

Productivity and results also involve the well-being and quality of relationships of each person involved in the project.  This course will focus on establishing honor and respect of each person.  When a project fails everyone lives with that result, for some there is a greater cost and loss.  When a project is truly successful an organization achieves its intended results and the people involved are personally fulfilled.


  • Increase the effectiveness in managing any project from beginning to completion.
  • Learn to evaluate project movement.
  • Effectively plan for transition phases.
  • Enhance communication and increase teamwork.
  • Support and empower the productivity of project team members.
  • Reduce stress, fear, anguish, and adverse emotional reactions.


  • Project management leadership.
  • Essential conversations an effective project manager must master.
  • Five predictable phases and transitions in the progression of a project.
  • Operating states (collective) & states of being (individual).
  • The five natural ‘body’ and ‘energy’ rhythms involved in a project.
  • Listening - its power, benefits and importance.
  • Commitment and coordination of action.
  • Teamwork and genuine cooperation.
  • Effective and productive meetings.
  • Managing delays, difficulties and breakdowns.


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