IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

"The Wonder & Power of Our Being"

Innovation for personal movement and professional development.

We are born in the middle of an existing world continually changing and staying the same, getting stuck and then moving again and again. Some search for nothing and find what they are looking for. Others search for innovative practices and never-before-taken directions for our living together. How willing are you to accept the challenge of being open?

Life is magically simple. Being is wonderfully powerful.

 In this coaching workshop you will learn:

  • The ontology of personal power
  • An outline of eight ontological coaching tools & eight tools for the practice of ontology
  • Five rhythms & sounds of Ontological Movement
  • A contextual framework for the Purpose of Life 
  • Four Essential Animal Capacities for being human
  • The power of Saying versus Speaking 
  • An ontological approach to Presence
  • The eight dimensions for Mastery & Excellence
  • The Movement Matrix for growth, progression & productivity

The practice of ontology is a unique body of knowledge filled with tools for ontological coaching that assist in re-awakening the fullness of life in every moment at home, at work, and anywhere in between. We offer many practical tools and concrete practices that make the most of our capabilities for productivity and love. More is required than the practices and tools that were used yesterday.

In this workshop, we offer a breakthough response to that voice 
which keeps saying “something vital is missing” and
“something profound is concealed.”

We humans listen to our world filled with thoughts, history and culture. Sometimes we do not hear with joy. We humans touch what we like and don't like. Sometimes we do not feel with pleasure. We humans take in an array and horizon of wonders. Sometimes we do not see with our being.

At the heart of every person's life and work resides the desire to be in balance, and the need to go beyond coping and thriving. Our living together at home and work is caught in a web of contradictory actions and intentions. So much beauty, so many results, and sometimes so little focus on our

We invite you to change the playing field
discover a new game
that will transform your living, relating and working.