IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

Executive Retreats
Coaching for small groups, individuals, couples, or with family.

Getting away from it all and returning
with well being and focused leadership.

A well-designed retreat generates energy and renewed vision.

An IPO retreat provides the perfect opportunity to get the most out of organizational and personal coaching in a relaxing environment of your choice. The coaching will go to the heart of what is most important for the executive.

A retreat is a private space with no outside interference. Slowing down is often difficult for executives, but at times it is exactly what is  required to think clearly, see new possibilities and make decisions with certainty. It is a perfect opportunity for executives who do not want to attend in-house workshops.

An organization is influenced by everything an executive does or doesn't do. Something unseen is always happening in the personal movement of life and pervades every moment of an executive’s work. Although occuring in the background, it impacts the organization.

The freedom to speak and be listened to
without someone jumping to conclusions,
or interrupting with reactive opinions.

Ontological coaching during a retreat is an opportunity for an executive to address many aspects and concerns related to work or personal life. But when the silent question “What about me?” shows up something extremely important is moving within one's being. The question provides an incredible opportunity for profound personal and professional development. This question is a threshold that once crossed, will provide a significant increase in aliveness, productivity and well-being. With coaching these become a permanent aspect of being a leader. Ontological coaching touches the heart of simply being.

An executive retreat: no better way to design
and anticipate the future.