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IPO Organizational Workshops


IPO provides customized workshops that go to the heart of an organizations mission, vision, performance and growth. These are designed based on the performance and success requirements of your organization, whether it be a business or not-for-profit entity. Results can be obtained either by working with selected groups of key individuals, or with all the members of a particular department.

What you learn:

  • Business and work as an expression of satisfaction, learning and empowerment. 
  • Being and ways-of-being as a personal presence of coherence, leadership and integrity. 
  • Organizational culture as a celebration of shared decision making, a unified diversity, value giving and/or profit. 
  • Communication aligned to effectively produce results, understanding and connection. 
  • Dynamics of trust that allow for building, maintaining and repairing work relationships. 
  • Accountability and commitment that generates natural cooperation and essential action.

Workshop design:

The design of all IPO organizational programs is rooted in an ontological approach that emphasizes: 

  • Identification of an organization's vision and goals. 
  • Integrating individual and departmental actions so that they are in alignment with an organization's mission and strategy. 
  • Conversations that manage key commitments.
  • Learning personal ways-of-being conducive to exceptional outcomes. 
  • Discerning the difference between what is incrementally predictable from achieving extraordinary results.
  • Learning to assess the critical movement that assures results and innovative possibilities.
  • Bridging the gap between different points of view that generate conflict and a lack of productivity. 
  • The joy of working and producing results together.

 Workshop results:

  • Generates leadership.
  • Reawakens the vision of the organization.
  • Realigns the vision of the organization with the daily workplace activities.
  • Enhances communication.
  • Facilitates coordination of action.
  • Establishes cooperation and teamwork.
  • Increases management performance.
  • Empowers others to reach higher.
  • Accelerates career development.
  • Aligns results with satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Minimizes burnout.
  • Reduces conflict.
  • Makes the most of everyone's time, money and energy.

Success essentials:

Any organization seeking to significantly improving its own productivity and empowering colleagues in their success will benefit from participation in an IPO program. This requires:

  • A commitment to effective and cooperative communication.
  • A commitment to providing a work environment in which open and respectful communication can take place so that people feel safe to voice their desires and concerns to leadership.
  • A commitment to results, excellence and performance.
  • A willingness to invest time, energy and resources in the people of the organization.xx Openness to learning and resources allocated to support it.
  • A commitment to collaborative decision-making and allowing the time to make it happen.


For additional information: IPO Organization Coach Certificate Program.