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IPO Succession Management Coach
Certificate Program

This program is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge, practices, skills and tools required for effective coaching in the area of succession  management. This is a unique and on-going aspect of all organizations.

Succession management focuses on whether
the right people are being developed
at the right pace
for the right jobs.

There is always the possibility that key personnel may quit, retire, look elsewhere or become ill. It seems like a sudden surprise when this happens. The organization often panics and rushes to find a replacement. Too often they settle for who is available as opposed to the right person.

The challenge is to assure
organizational continuity and productivity
while simultaneously empowering new leaders.

Succession planning is based on recognizing the potential leaders in an organization and developing them so that they're ready to step in when the need arises. Changes in the workforce today underscore the need for succession planning. One of the best ways to keep talented people is to provide them with coaching and growth opportunities that they might otherwise look for elsewhere. While succession planning is an opportunity for employees to develop their own career plans for the future, it also benefits the organization by minimizing business interruption and assuring continuity. 

Topics to be covered in the four conferences:

  • The purpose of succession management
  • The process of succession planning
  • Assessing factors that can be anticipated influencing personnel changes
  • Anticipating and being prepared for key personnel changes
  • Distinguishing succession planning from replacement
  • The culture of  succession management
  • Anticipating obstacles in succession planning and management
  • The unique circumstances of family businesses
  • The project of developing and integrating the succession management plan
  • Eliciting commitment and  establishing support from executives and upper management for the  on-going succession management process
  • Dealing with internal politics and personal agendas
  • The importance of commitment and accountability
  • Key communications and essential conversations 
  • The question of developing within the organization or searching on the outside 
  • How succession management fits in with an organization's vision
  • The nature of empowerment in organizations
  • The challenge of establishing a spirit of empowerment in a competitive culture
  • Coaching in the transition process of key positions
  • Coaching for trust, relationship and respect within organizations
  • Assessing an organization's leadership requirements
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching presence and being within organizations
  • Career development
  • Talent development
  • Determining key positions.
  • Identifying core competencies that positions require.
  • Risks and pitfalls of  the succession process 
  • Critical issues that must be addressed
  • Elements of an effective succession plan
  • Succession planning and management teams
  • Developing a project team to establish a succession plan
  • Developing a team to integrate the on-going process of long-term succession management
  • The question of high potentials and their development process
  • Establishing promotion policies and procedures
  • The importance of commitment and accountability
  • The on-going practice of personnel evaluation and assessment
  • Evaluating and updating the succession management plan 

Who can attend: 

  • Human resource directors and personnel
  • Organizational coaches and consultants
  • Family business owners
  • Succession planning and management teams 


  •  IPO Ontological Succession Management Coach: This certificate is available for those who are already certified in basic coaching. Participation in all four conferences, and completion of all assignments if required.
  • IPO Succession Management Specialist: This certificate is available for those who are not already certified as coaches. Participation in all four conferences, and completion of all assignments if required.
  • Certificate of Participation: This certificate is given to those who attend all four conferences. They are not required to complete the assignments and exercises after each conference.