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What is the Practice of Ontology?

The practice of ontology is a professional practice in the same way as there are the practices of psychology, law, medicine, or dentistry. Each profession maintains a body of knowledge, designs  tools, generates practices, and provides a service. The practice of ontology sees through the eyes of being,  a perspective that can be applied to all human endeavors. IPO provides and assures the highest quality  specialized programs  that focus on generating  results personally and professionally. We take ontological coaching to another level, creating a new discipline: the practice of ontology.

In an authentic ontological approach there are five levels of competence and mastery.

Level One:      IPO Ontological Self-coaching

The practice of ontology is available to anyone, without having to become a coach. We begin with learning how to empower and coach ourselves. The first step emphasizes essential education for living in balance, relating effectively, and allowing ourselves to be and become. Self-coaching is learning how we can arrive at our own decisions and solutions. No one else can do this for us. Practices are repeated actions that we freely and intentionally perform to obtain results, manifest our values, and stay true to our commitments. This is purpose of learning to coach ourselves.

The best of athletes will not succeed with the best of coaches unless they are willing to practice. We are athletes in life. We must learn how to guide ourselves moment by moment, listen for the need of immediate adjustments, and naturally move into essential and effective action. Ontological self-coaching allows us to make what we learn real in daily life, and visible in who we are. It allows us to move from being spectators to being players on the field.

We have found that practical and beneficial learning for one person may generate difficulties and challenges for their partners in relationship who are not involved in that learning. It can be awkward and counterproductive in a relationship for one person to be in a position of knowing something that the other may not be familiar with, or wanting to put something into practice that the other has not learned. Coaching a partner is not appropriate. This program is open to everyone so that partners can participate, learn and grow together.

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Level  Two:     Basic Coach Certification

Basic coaching is a professional service. It requires more than good intention and the desire to help people. Professional coach training must assure competency in the ability to provide others with the opportunity to open new possibilities, produce intended results, go beyond personal limits, enhance relationships, and live meaningfully. A coach enables and supports others in becoming more effective and confident in a way that they truly and actively begin to think for themselves, consider alternative perspectives, and make important choices on their own. In basic ontological coaching there are eight primary distinctions and tools related to communication and commitment.

A note of caution: There are other programs and schools providing basic coach certification, including those with a rudimentary ontological orientation. Some provide quality professional coach training. Others are in it primarily for the business, doing the same programs year after year with minimal updates and no innovation. People are sometimes certified as coaches but do not have enough tools, distinctions, methods, and techniques to be effective. Some instructors are effective at conducting workshops and marketing but have little actual coaching experience. This is one more reason why IPO begins with ontological self-coaching. Being an effective coach takes preparation. Level one participants see what is available for themselves before blindly registering for expensive coach training and certification.

Level Three:   IPO Ontological Coach Certification

An IPO Ontological Coach is equipped with a more complete, profound, and practical body of knowledge related to being, the movement of life, and the nature of language and communication. This is essential for providing intelligent stress-free results. The formation of level three goes beyond learning how to conduct an individual coaching session by only asking questions. Five other coaching methods are taught. The coach learns to apply these based on what is required for the success of the person being coached. An IPO Ontological Coach understands and utilizes distinctions related to how human beings generate and take charge of all aspects of life with confidence and joy.

[For program details: IPO Ontological Coach Certificate Program.]

Level Four:     IPO Professional Coach Specialization

By offering specialized coach certificate programs, IPO assures coaching quality and mastery in specific professional and personal areas of life and work. Some coaches are not really prepared to coach in certain organizational environments and specific areas of personal life. Coaching in distinct areas requires additional skills, models, insight, and experience. A Medical Doctor is not competent in all areas of medical practice. While a Cardiologist, Neurologist, and Endocrinologist are all medical doctors, their areas of competence are distinct. For example, coaching parents, executives, and project managers requires that a coach knows what is unique in their environments and circumstances. A coach must also learn to be in a different way at distinct times when coaching.

Being a professional ontological coach requires an on-going commitment to learning how the nature of being human is expressed and manifested at different times at home and at work. Necessary results, communications, and conversations are not the same at different moments  even with the same people. Specialization in coaching allows for a coach to listen for the movement, changing dynamics, and developing realities in specific areas of living and working.

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Level Five:      IPO Practitioner of Ontology

A Practitioner of Ontology is always coaching but doing much more. There are many dimensions of our being that are constantly evolving which determine the success of any human interaction or communication. This is valid for both the coach and the client. Without utilizing these beautiful and powerful dimensions all coaching becomes applied technique. In level five there are eight additional ontological coaching distinctions and practices that are mastered.

Understanding how we generate who we are moment by moment opens us up to knowing the source of our being. Primary attention and commitment is given to learning to generate a space of empowerment, and conducting on-going research on how the ontological approach can be applied and integrated in various aspects of our world. A practitioner of ontology opens up the possibility for making the hard choices, for dealing with the greatest challenges, and for generating an inner strength and joy that pervades every breath we take.  Living goes beyond achieving results no matter how satisfying these may be. This is the work of a practitioner of ontology.