IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

The IPO Vision

We are born in the middle of an existing world and find ourselves continually changing, moving, and searching for innovative ways to create a better life for ourselves and others. With our attention directed towards progress and culture we easily forget that our bodies are intertwined with all life on earth. We want to assure a future of balance and prosperty for generations to come, but more is required than the practices and tools that have gotten us to where we are today.
There is a direction that has always been in front of us, but not taken. Our being is at the heart of ontological coaching and the practice of ontology. Learning and applying this is essential and practical. It is more than theory. For centuries we have overemphasized the uniqueness of being human, isolating ourselves from what can be learned from living our full being. This has cost us, and we are in the middle of the consequences. Whether any organization, relationship and family succeeds or fails is directly related to our being and how we are.
Who and how we are is the source of what we do
and at the heart of why we do anything.
IPO's commitment is to tap into the beauty and power of being.
If we are honest and open in our observations of our world we know of that something key is missing. Some only proclaim long lists of crises in order to convince others that those who make up the lists also have the answersChallenging the viability of definitions and traditional interpretations of what it means to be human is simply an initial step. Talk is not enough. Do we have to wake up and find our wallets empty, offices filled with  frustrated people, endless gasoline lines, or our children not talking to us anymore before we take necessary action? 
Our commitment is to design and teach
the use of effective tools and useful practices
 in all areas of living and working.
At the same time, no matter how much pessimism there may be about our world, we are surrounded by the beauty, love, and mystery of billions of humans.  So often we know what to do, but get preoccupied with something else.
The practice of ontology is not only seeing the possibilities within sight,
but making them real at home and in our offices.
We don't have to re-invent the wheel. We can re-design the same wheel in a way that provides unprecedented results. This very wheel in the hands of one person is really not the same in the hands of another. Our being and ways of being influence our results.
Our commitment is to provide a space of empowerment
for beginners and competent professionals
in becoming innovators and masters in their areas of chosen expertise.
Each person is a voice to be heard in this world. Each person determines, designs and sculpts their life.  This requires coming in contact with the most essential materials and tools we have to work with - those of our being. Once we have touched, tasted, smelled and seen these, we become more balanced in every day life and in closer harmony with those around us. And we are never alone in our being.
Each of us is a voice in the orchestration
of the amazing chorus we call our world.