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Some results are found in department reports and financial statements. Other results can be seen in the eyes and smiles of those in your organization. There are also those intangible results that you simply experience when you drive home alone. Coaching is about results. A survey by an international human resouce consulting organization reported that up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches.
Every executive and every organization is unique. It takes a lot to achieve a certain position or status, build an organization and keep it going. It takes even more to increase productivity and to make it a better place to work. Coaching is not simply learning for learning sake, changing for its own sake, but being open to seeing where there are blind spots that eventually damage the growth, movement, and progress of an organization.
Coaching is valuable when everything is going just fine.
It is essential when something is not working.
Only training and coaching frontline employees will not resolve what is at the root of many unfortunate, unsuccessful and stressful work environments. Replacing the tires, does not fix the motor. No matter what is happening, executives and corporate leaders are called upon to guide, empower, question, discern, and strategize. They must BE executives, BE leaders. Their being and ways of being are the source of their leadership skills, management styles, and business outcomes. Who they are becomes evident to others in how they conduct every conversation. There is no escaping the interpersonal and organizational consequences of this.
IPO coaching and educational programs make good on the promise that executives and organizations will make the best use of their time, energy, money and commitments. Coaching sessions can be held in-houase or at a location specified by the executive. Private executive retreats are also available.
Coaching increases a leader's ability
to empower others,
work with less stress,
and truly enjoy success.
Is coaching for you?
There are a number of questions that only you can answer for yourself.
Executives and top managers have already learned so much. But everyone needs help now and then. The seat-of-your-pants or lone-ranger approaches too often perpetuate the very reasons why we find ourselves spinning our wheels. Doing more of the same with blind determination too often keeps us going in the wrong direction. These do not guarantee that we are designing or determining new possibilities, or doing the right thing. 
If coaching is for you,
you will be satisfied with IPO coaching.