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IPO Project Management Coach
Certificate Program

What is the concrete source of the result of a project? Exploring and answering this question provides the context for this program. What is learned provides mastery and excellence in project management. This program is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge, practices, skills and tools required for effective project management coaching. Coaching focuses on performance, communication, well-being and results. A coach must learn to observe and listen in the world of projects. This is a unique world distinct from an on-going organization.

Project ? results with a timeline.

Haphazard project management runs the risk of failure.

The results of projects have great visibility within organizations, and are often open to public view such as a community or government entity. This is especially true for strategic projects of an organization's senior management who are facing big challenges and changes that must be undertaken to promote permanent long-term stability and growth.

One promise not kept can quickly generate
major difficulties for other members of the team.

Whether a project succeeds or fails, maintains its vital movement or slows down, will depend on the capacity to manage and empower the actions and commitments of the project team. Their work will be excellent only if they have the support and tools that allow them to perform well and be competent team members.

Projects may be filled with surprises, setbacks, and breakdowns,
but a project manager cannot afford to hide behind excuses.

This program provides highly useful and practical tools that are distinct ways of managing what is happening moment-by-moment, day-by-day in the life of a project that goes beyond, and at the same time enhances, the technology of project management.

Topics to be covered in the four conferencs of this program:

  • The five operational states of project management
  • The being and presence  of a project manager (management styles, leadership, and ways of being)
  • Achieving excellence
  • Empowerment and teamwork
  • Key conversations, communications, & meetings
  • Managing conflicts, breakdowns and  delays
  • Application of basic ontological distinctions of project management
  • Project management processes & knowledge areas
  • Successful completion & closure of a project
  • Application of tools and practices in ten key areas of project management

Project INTEGRATION Management 
Project TIME Management  
Project COST Management 
Project QUALITY Management  
Project HUMAN RESOURCES Management  
Project COMMUNICATIONS Management  
Project RISK Management 
Project PROCUREMENT Management 
Project STAKEHOLDER Management

Who can attend:

  • Project managers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Project team members and other professionals interested in project management


  • IPO Ontological Project Management Coach. This certificate is available for those who are already certified in basic coaching. Participation in all four conferences, and completion of all assignments if required.
  • IPO Project Management Specialist: This certificate is available for those who are not already certified as coaches. Participation in all four conferences, and completion of all assignments if required.
  • Certificate of Participation: This certificate is given to those who attend all four conferences. They are not required to complete the assignments and exercises after
    each conference.

Additional workshop information: "Mastery & Excellence in Project Management