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IPO Parent Coach
Certificate Program


The IPO parent coach specialization program is designed to provide coaches with the practices, skills, tools, and distinctions for effective coaching in the area of parenting. This program addresses the essentials that parents must learn, and shows them how to integrate what they learn in daily living.

Parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and successful in life. Becoming a better parent,  the parent we want to be, is a learning process. 

A parent coach works in partnership with parents
in order to achieve these results

We have children biologically. We BECOME parents through the day-to-day process of raising our children. Many times we are not sure of what we are doing. But it is not fair to children that parents learn from their mistakes as parents. 

Being a parent and taking care of children can be both a joy and challenge! 

Children are not alike. Parents are not alike. When our families are in harmony and balance, our homes are a place of love for our children. Unfortunately, the beauty of having children sometimes turns ugly. At times there are other realities: angry families, intolerance, disrespect, stifled communication, no control, and a frightening sense of distance or isolation. Most parents live in between these, somewhere in the middle. 

Children come with no instruction manual. What we learn from books can be helpful, but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes parents are confused or unsure, and sometimes happy that all is going well. Most parents are always intending to do their best. But our children deserve more than good intention. We must learn to raise ourselves as the most caring and effective parents possible! 

Coaching parents achieves results
by providing the space so that parents
can explore, examine, make choices, and achieve desired change.
All results require commitment and openness to learn.


Program Topics:

Conference 1

  • What is a family?
  • Parenting as a learning process?
  • Being a parent vs. doing parenting.
  • Listening  & speaking with children for mutual understanding.
  • Parenting styles: the best ways to be?
  • The keys of play, touch, tenderness, fun, & laughter.
  • Parental responsiveness & involvement.
  • Collaborative & cooperative parenting with children.
  • Minimizing unproductive automatic reactions.
  • When to be responsive or directive, firm or light, strong or lenient.
  • The essentials of parental care of children
  • Communicating clearly when making requests & promises.
  • Parental self-assessment: “How am I doing?”
  • Parental mistakes: identification, adjustment, letting go of guilt and self-blame.
  • Letting children be and teaching them to become.
  • The family as a WE unit.

Conference 2

  • The  5 natural movements & aspects of parenting.
  • Parental agreement on values for their children.
  • Parental agreement on acceptable & unacceptable behaviors.
  • Teaching & instilling values.
  • Teaching responsibility to children.
  • The keys of encouragement, praise, & openness.
  • Conflicts & conflict resolution.
  • Taking effective & essential corrective actions.
  • Understanding children's defiance and emotional outbursts.
  • Knowing the role of obedience, and parental respect.
  • Signs of trouble & high risk behaviors.
  • Setting limits.
  • Establishing family routines.
  • Discipline: time-outs; scolding; grounding.
  • Logical & natural consequences vs. punishments.
  • Parenting as a learning process.
  • The freedom to be a child.
  • The balance of being a parent.

Conference 3 & 4

  • Distinguishing parent coaching, counseling, and therapy.

  • "Raising parents" - coaching support, trust, and compassion.
  • Clarifying parent goals and desired results.
  • Conducting coaching sessions with parents.
  • Conducting parent telephone coaching.
  • The signs of parents with difficulties and in trouble.
  • Child development theories: physical, cognitive, emotional, social, & moral development.
  • Understanding family systems.
  • The nature of parent-child attachment.
  • How parents repeat the relationship with their own parents.
  • Managing parent promises.
  • Giving homework to parents and follow-up.
  • The coach's responsibility to protect children.

 Instruction Modalities

  • In person conference participation.
  • Home assignments, research & study.

  • Coaching practice.

  • Public conference preparation & presentations. 

Levels of Participation & Certification

  1. IPO Coach Parent Certificate:  This is only for those who are already certified as coaches.

  2. IPO Parent Specialist Certificate: This is for any other professional who has not been previously certified as a coach.

  3. IPO Participation Certificate: This is for those who participate for the purpose of personal learning.