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IPO Organization Coach
Certificate Program


This specialized program is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge, practices, skills and tools for effective coaching in businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Without exception professional coaching focuses on educating for performance, well-being and results. A coach must learn to observe and listen for the movement of an organization's on-going growth and development, as well as its unique culture. By recognizing an organization's strengths and identifying it's weaknesses, a coach assists in determining what is missing. This provides the basis for opening new organizational possibilities and taking effective action.

Coach training topics:

This training program prepares a coach to address many areas that are key for the growth of an organization and the development of its personnel at different levels.  Some of the included topics are:

Organizations and work as an outcome and expression
of successful coexistence and cooperation

  • The nature of work, of productivity and of organizations 
  • The linguistic ontology of organizations 
  • Understanding the five continuous movements of an organization
  • Designing and managing organizational growth, stability, and change
  • Empowering the development and implementation of strategies, plans and projects that produce results
  • The paradox of who comes first: the organization or the individual? 

Being and ways-of-being as a personal presence
of coherence, leadership and integrity

  • Recognizing the importance of the individual and tapping into the collective power of the organization
  • How WE ARE at work
  • The emotional component of coaching
  • Listening for what people deeply care about
  • Supporting people in focusing on what they are capable of
  • Coaching people in doing what produces results
  • Fostering a balance between work and home
  • Assisting in the application and integration of what is learned in coaching

Organizational culture as a celebration of shared decision making,
a unified diversity, value giving and/or profit

  • Understanding the power and politics of organizations
  • The US of an organization
  • The THEM of an organization
  • Promoting a culture of shared commitment and collective action to achieve results
  • The keys to opening and closing organizational possibilities
  • Customizing coaching to different types of organizations

Communication aligned to effectively produce
understanding, connection, coordination of action and results

  • Conversations that produce customer satisfaction
  • Managing breakdowns, difficulties, and conflicts
  • Conducting productive meetings
  • Key conversations and communication
  • Conversation differences for executives, management, and frontline personnel
  • Effective management of requests and promises

Dynamics  of trust that allow for building, maintaining and repairing work relationships

  • Generating individual being within an organization: presence, identity and credibility
  • Establishing trust in the work environment
  • Anaylzing and correcting effective and limiting group dynamics
  • Developing teams and establishing teamwork
  • Accountability and leadership that generates natural cooperation and essential
    coordination of action

Areas of Specialization

  • Hiring strategies that assure productivity and the acquistion of competitive talent
  • Designing training and career development programs
  • Assessment and evaluation of employee performance
  • Increasing marketing success and sales effectiveness
  • Project management
  • Succession management
  • Risk management

A coach will learn skills to provide the following services:

  • One-on-one coaching in an organizational environment
  • Group coaching
  • Design and delivery of group training programs
  • Assessment of personnel strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of management practices
  • Examine the impact of organizational culture

Program duration: This program consists of 15 conferences over a period of three years. It also includes research, written assignments, business presentations, actual coaching and training within organizations.