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IPO Breath Coach
Certificate Program

When you become an IPO Certified Breath Coach you will integrate breath into your coaching practice as a powerful tool for transformation. To be a truly masterful life coach, a coach must have an effective way of working in the domain of the body. 

In our breath we can profoundly listen to the music of our being.

Breath allows for living life fully.

Breath enhances energy and well-being.

Breath, language and being are deeply connected. Dictionary definitions of breath include “the art of breathing,” “a spoken sound or utterance,” and “spirit or animation.” Breath coaching in an ontological context focuses on being, ways-of-being, and the taking of essential and effective action in life. It's a looking forward not backwards. While coaching often includes conversations about what happened in our life since birth, the focus is not on telling a story about the past, or digging introspectively into past experiences.  It's about generating our being and new possibilities.

With every breath we are calling our spirit to be present. We are declaring that we are incarnated, alive and embodied on this earth. Recent philosophical and biological understandings of language and cognition have recognized that in breath there is an utterance, a profound saying that is a unique human action that generates new possibilities for living and being.

Seeing the world with new eyes happens in breath.

Smiling and laughing with true joy is a result of our breath. 

Every breath gives new life and energy to our body.

Language is not simply what we say out loud or merely something linguistic. Language is part of every breath. We declare and express ourselves in every movement of our bodies, in every emotional expression, and in every breath. We can make no sound without breath. The power of our speaking is fueled subtly and powerfully which each breath. 

By exploring who we are when we breathe
we learn to relate with passion,
trust our future, and
free ourselves from fear, anxiety and stress.

 A Breath Coach utilizes breath as a tool so that people:

  • Learn to listen deeply to both that which is being communicated in moment, as well as that which has been lived and communicated for a long time.
  • Recognize what possibilities they are declaring moment by moment without being aware of how they actually open and close possibilities.
  • Transform their way-of-being in a natural way so that they achieve their goals in relationships, love, work, and life projects.
  • Restore health and well-being.
  • Identify counterproductive repetitions.
  • Anticipate what is possible and take action, as opposed to waiting in resignation for something to happen.
  • Redesign ourselves with the full recognition that we have already been molded and sculpted by our families and culture.
  • Live the magic and joy of our life energy.
  • Generate a new vision for living and being.

A coach will learn to listen to breath as a profound expression of being and as a proclamation of choosing life, laughter, enthusiam for living, and joy in allowing ourselves to be. A breath coach provides the space for each person to conceive and birth themselves newly.

Prerequiste: To be certified as a Breath Coach a person must have successfully completed both the IPO Self-Coaching Program and the IPO Life Coach Certificate Program.