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"Living & being in balance, with joy, & effectively”

This program is for the life and being of each participant. Participation in this program is therefore available to anyone whether or not they chose to become professional coaches afterwards. To be an effective coach of others we must first learn to coach ourselves.  This program offers participants a learning opportunity that transforms the way participants see, live and take action in both their professional and personal lives.

We begin with learning how to empower and coach ourselves.

This program emphasizes essential education for living in balance, relating effectively, and allowing ourselves to be and become. Ontological self-coaching is learning how we can arrive at our own decisions, solutions, and choices regarding actions to take.

No one else can live our life or do what only we can do for ourselves.

The best of athletes will not succeed with the best of coaches unless they are willing to practice. We are athletes in life. We must learn how to guide ourselves moment by moment, listen for the need of immediate adjustments, and naturally move into essential and effective action. Practices are repeated actions that we freely and intentionally perform to obtain results, manifest our values, and stay true to our commitments. This is the path and purpose of learning to coach ourselves. Ontological self-coaching allows us to make what we learn real in daily life, and visible in who we are. It allows us to move from being spectators to being players on the field.

You want to be a coach but your partner doesn't.

We have found that beneficial and practical learning for one person may generate difficulties and challenges for their partners in relationship who are not involved in that learning. It can be awkward and counterproductive in a relationship for one person to be in a position of knowing something that the other may not be familiar with, or wanting to put something into practice that the other has not learned. Coaching a partner is not appropriate. This program is open to everyone so that partners can participate, learn and grow together.

Six workshops:

                                (1)  Freedom to Be & Become
                                (2)  Communication, Commitment, Language & Being
                                (3)  Being US: the Ontology of Relationship
                                (4)  Emotions: the Expressive Fusion of our Body & Being
                                (5)  Personal Power and the Five Movements of our Living & Being
                                (6)  Context, Completion & Living in Paradox

Personal Coaching Sessions:  Each participant is provided with one personal coaching session after each workshop.

Written Assignments at Home: Those who choose to participate in the IPO Ontological Coach Certificate Program must complete all written exercises and practices at home after each conference.

Upon successful completion of the IPO Ontological Self-Coaching Program participants receive a Certificate of Participation.   This allows the participant to become a candidate for admission to the IPO Ontological Coach Certification Program.