IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

IPO Ontological Coach
Certificate Program

“Being a Professional Coach”

In this program each participant will become a competent ontological coach. The art and business of coaching requires learning the models, skills, and competencies for coaching both in personal and professional life.

Becoming extraordinary as an ontological coach
is attained by learning being,
and making it real, personal and practical.

An ontological coach provides the client with the opportunity to be, become, open new possibilities, take effective action, and learn to live well. This includes going beyond personal limits, enhancing relationships, and living meaningfully.
Commitment to empowerment
is at the heart of ontological coaching.
An ontological coach enables and empowers the client to become more effective and confident at home and at work in a way that they begin to think for themselves, consider alternative perspectives, and make important choices. This includes challenging and requesting the client to perform actions and practices that support them in producing the results they have promised to achieve.

Five Conferences
These five conferences are substantive and practical. The result will be that participants will learn to be skillful and effective coaches.
Conference # 1     Getting Started with Ontological Coaching
  • What is coaching? 
  • The distinction between coaching, counseling, and therapy 
  • The basic framework and principles of ontological coaching 
  • Listening … learning to listen as a coach 
  • The ontology of the human observer 
  • Observing how ways of being interact with taking effective action 
  • Initiating the coach / coachee relationship: trust and empowerment 
  • Establishing the commitment to results 
  • Identifying coaching tools and practices that come from self-coaching 
  • Identifying & suggesting effective action 
  • The design and magic of asking 'questions' 
  • Coaching tool: identifying and resolving breakdowns
Conference # 2     Coach Session Management & Movement
  • The role of interpretation in coaching
  • Coaching: Emotions and moods
  • Opening new possibilities
  • Trusting the guidance of perception
  • Discerning what to say and when
  • Four basics of coaching: connection; respect; empowerment; humor
  • Coaching tool: anticipation of conversations
Conference # 3     Coaching Tools: Generating Identify & Planning Life
  • Facilitating shifts in ways of being
  • Enabling others to be more powerful observers
  • The nature of our private and public identity
  • The process of generating identity at home and at work
  • The body as a guide for results
  • Coaching in specific domains of living
  • Assessing levels of competence
  • Coaching tool: listening to the body as a navigator for taking action
  • Coaching tool: listening to body sensations as an opening for shifts in being

Conference # 4     Organizational Coaching

  • The ontology of organizations
  • The basic framework of organizational coaching 
  • The basic aspect of project management coaching 
  • The linguistic structure of organizations and work 
Conference # 5     Being an Ontological Coach in the World
  • Code of ethics for coaches
  • Assessing whom to coach and whom to refuse coaching
  • Coaching business practices
  • On-going practice and learning
  • Being a coach versus doing coaching
Prerequisite: Being certified as an IPO Ontological Coach requires successful completion of the IPO Ontological Self-Coaching Program.
Home Assignments: Each participant will complete a series of written report assignments after each conference.
Practice Coaching Sessions: Each participant will participate as a coach in 50 coaching sessions with others in the program.
Client Coaching Sessions: Each participant will be supervised for 25 coaching sessions with clients outside of the program. These sessions will be conducted privately with the supervision taking place in follow-up conversations.
"One key to living as a full human being is to know that not only are we physical beings with blood in our veins bursting with life but that we also live in the wonder of 'being' that is concealed in the weaving of language. We relate and communicate through our bodies and with our listening. We live in many types of communities where we create purpose and offer service. With a rich spectrum of moods and emotions we allow ourselves the full use of our reason and intelligence. Ontological coaching lives with this in the background.
Ontological coaching isn't about being a little bit happier, better or more satisfied with some results, as rewarding as this may be. Ontological coaching goes deeply into who we are in our world and helps us create our life in all its manifestations with energized well-being, joyful fulfillment and unpredictable effectiveness.”
Alexander Berlonghi