IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

"Freedom to Be
& Become”
A Self-Coaching Workshop on the Ontology of Authenticity 

Emerging joyfully as an 'individual'

Touching the power of 'authentic being'

Relating in balance with 'time'

Exploring the ontological nature of authenticity is one of the most down to earth and useful activities we can engage in and enjoy. What we learn and discover will remain with us simply and permanently every day of our lives.

The way we are automatically reveals itself in our everyday life.
At times we are predictable, and yet the last to realize it.

Unless we take action to transform this, our future is already written as a mirror of the past. Our life will be more of the same. When our partners unhappily tell us that we are no longer the person that they met, what are they really saying? When one day we are shocked because we no longer recognize ourselves or our children, what is truly taking place?  The focus of this workshop is our being, what we truly care about, and the specific areas of our life that touch us deeply.

What does it mean to be or become an individual?
How can we always honor who we are at home and at work?

Our living happily and successfuly depends on the actions we take once we formulate an answer to these questions. In this workshop we challenge and unroot that which prevents authentic living and being. We will discover and foster the joy and power of our choice and freedom.


  • Being an individual - an ontological perspective
  • Authenticity as the choice of emerging as an individual
  • The predictable daily traps of inauthentic human being
  • Freeing ourselves from the boredom of inauthentic communication
  • The choice of acceptance & opposition
  • The practice of being-with
  • The connection between time and ways-of-being 
  • How we relate with the past, future and present
  • Recognizing our being as the source of what we do and what we have
  • Three secrets for assuring authenticity and meaningful connection with others
  • Eradicating suffering in our daily way-of-being
  • Listening to and understanding “disillusionment” as a call to emerge as an individual
  • Identifying how and when we fall into being inauthentic.
  • Re-sculpting our being in the face of fear and anxiety.
  • Recognizing repetitions in our lives that we continually fall into 
  • Learning to anticipate with certainty and possibility
  • Re-awakening our vision of life
  • Generating new possibilities for authentic being 

This is one of the six workshops included in the IPO Ontological Self-coaching Program. It is also open to anyone without attending the entire program.