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"Being US”

A Self-Coaching Workshop on the Ontology of Relationships


 Establishing the unity of being 'us'

Communicating openly and with vision for the future

Relating with trust and serenity

Each of us is drawn to the mystery and profound pleasure of love, yet in the face and presence of the one we love we often do not embrace the challenge to generate what is possible.  We love yet lose our direction.  Sometimes what we do strengthens our relationship and at other times we even surprise ourselves in how much distance we generate. There's a profound secret in the commitment to “us” as opposed to emphasizing you and me.

What does it take to maintain
the love, beauty and vision of being together?

This workshop is an opportunity for you to transform your relationships no matter how happy and satisfied you are at this moment.


  • To establish the unity of being 'us'
  • To generate new levels of trust and intimacy with one another
  • To communicate openly and freely 
  • To balance our individuality with the needs of the other


Love is a space of being
where ‘nothing’ is the best that can be said,
yet we can be and talk forever.



  • Generating US as the space of being in relationship
  • Overcoming the repetition of what we did and lived in the past
  • Understanding the five rhythms of relationship
  • Learning to care for one another
  • Illusions that damage relationships
  • Conversations for resolving differences and conflicts
  • Avoiding self-destructive automatic ways of being
  • The freedom to ask for what is important for us
  • Challenging each other in a way that opens possibilities
  • Being able to say ‘no’ 
  • Allowing  each other to truly ‘be'
  • What is love?

This program is for everyone who is truly interested in opening up to the beauty and pleasure of relationships.