IPO - The Leading Institution of Ontological Coaching, Consulting, and Innovation

Welcome to IPO,
The Institute for the Practice of Ontology

We provide the best specialized programs, core and advanced, with an ontological design. IPO provides quality and value at the personal level that carries over professionally for coaches, consultants, counselors and therapists. In a business setting we offer mastery and innovation in leadership, management and empowerment that produce results.

We are human, living beings. We are being in our world.

We are at home with our partners and children.
We are at work with our colleagues and associates.
We are standing side-by-side in our prayers and ceremonies.
We are on the dance floor with one another.
We are in our communities with our neighbors.
Wherever we are, WE ARE.
IPO incorporates the study of being, ontology, as an everyday approach and practice for living and working. This ontological design provides a highly practical, concrete, and down to earth approach for living in balance, working cooperatively, producing results, and enjoying life. By focusing on our being and ways-of-being, IPO provides an educational space of learning and empowerment where individuals:
  • pursue who they dream of becoming
  • engage in life fully
  • generate results and
  • focus on what is essential
Mankind is caught in a web of contradictory actions and intentions which pervade our culture and are revealed daily in everything we do. Occupied  by our rushing and running, we have become accustomed and even anesthetized to our hurried lifestyles often forgetting our vision. We keep repeating more of the same without recognizing profound errors. We wonder what could be, and settle for much less. We have long lost touch with the ground of being. 
You are invited to experience for yourself the well-being, balance, and success available by participating in our IPO programs.
Director and Founder
The Institute for the Practice of Ontology